The Anita T. Conner Story

“The Anita T. Conner Story” is about a woman who was destined to live out her Father’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur who would empower the Black community. The road to success was a bumpy and lonely road despite being a child with two loving parents growing up in suburbia in the mid sixties. Tragedy struck when Anita became pregnant as a teenager and her father passed away a few years later.

This period of struggle and loneliness produced a determination required to overcome corporate racism, lack of preparation for business ownership and the many naysayers who said her skills were best placed in government rather than community. After achieving a level of success, Anita was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and had to undergo high dose chemotherapy, radiation and experimental stem cell transplant.

Anita's recovery strengthened her faith to new levels. She is ready to share her wonderful miracles to help empower the Black community and the nation at large.